Brent’s Drugs

Jackson, MS

Entering Brent’s Drugs is like stepping back in time. Manager Josh gave us a tour, explaining that everything, from the color scheme to the signage to the stools, has been kept as close to the original as possible. But there are two exceptions—the menu, which has been updated to include specialties like a lamb burger, and the former stock room (this was originally a pharmacy), which has been transformed into a swanky speakeasy serving up cocktails after the diner has closed.

Clover Grill

New Orleans, LA

We met up with a few NOLA locals for lunch at Clover Grill, Bourbon Street’s favorite 24-hour diner. We hear the overnight shift gets pretty rowdy, with lines out the door even after 3am—and during Mardi Gras, they get the “late-night crowd” all day long.

Diner on Abercorn

Savannah, GA

“Miss Maria,” the beloved owner of The Diner on Abercorn, cut her teeth at diners in Connecticut when she first arrived to the US from Greece. That explains how she brought classic northeastern diner flavor to Savannah—combined with a hefty dose of southern hospitality. Next stop: Marietta, y’all!